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Bear Hunting

BTGS offers two kinds of hunts: The executive baited hunt for those who choose not to rough it, and the Ely wilderness tent camp in the surrounding wilderness for the more adventurous. Both hunts are equally successful.

This is a high quality hunt with experienced guides in the remote back country of the Ely Area wilderness. Tents, cots, sleeping bags, and all camping gear are provided. You will be taken to your stand by boat and picked up after shooting hours. Three fresh meals prepared every day. Fishing and grouse hunting also included if time permits. Limited space is available so be sure to call early to reserve your spot now.

Rifle (243 cal. or larger, bow (30# draw or more), muzzle loader and handgun (357 cal. or larger) hunters are welcome on both hunts.You may take a bear in Minnesota by archery while in possession of a firearm.

All hunters are elevated in tree stands to help with scent and movement. You will be taken out to the bait site each night. This is very important as the bears are used to the guides scent and sounds.

Executive Hunts are in the fall over active baits with most shots under 20 yards. Getting that close to a black bear is a true adrenalin rush.

As you get in the stand, the guide proceeds to fill the bait site with good-smelling bear food. After the guide leaves, the bear thinks it's safe to enter the area, unaware of your presence.

Also included is field dressing, removal from kill site, and hide and meat preparation.

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