The unbelievable Northland Canoe Trip. Fully Guided, Supplied, So You Can Sit Back and Enjoy The Breathtaking Views.

Dazzle the senses with breathtaking natural beauty: Unique, magnificent, quiet, wild, and beautiful are just a few of the words used to describe Canoe Country. 10,000 square miles without roads, fly in camps, or motor boats. The only way you can penetrate Canoe Country is by canoe. It is the home of over 50 varieties of animals, 200 species of birds, and 12 species of game fish. Listen to the call of the loon, the hoot of an owl, the howl of a wolf and the breeze whispering in the pines. Smell the pine needles under foot, bacon sizzling in the pan, and the smoke of a camp fire. See northern lights, sparkling rapids, mirror smooth lakes, and towering pines.

There's nothing like a good shore lunch after a day of fishing

This Canoe Trip Is For Anyone. Fishermen, campers, bird watchers, scouts, school or church groups, and families will all find a rewarding wilderness experience in canoe country. Planning is very important. We will be glad to assist you with your plans. Draw on our 15 years of guiding experience in canoe country for advice on routing, travel time, food, equipment, fishing and scenery. We will be glad to take you to the finest fishing spots, the best campsites, scenic vistas, and historical places.

Complete guided canoe packages

Canoe, paddles, floatation vests, tent, sleeping bags, air mattresses, cook kit, utensils, griddle, tarps, axes, saws, packs, maps, rain gear, and food.

Designed for Canoe Country

Our easy to portage quality equipment is designed for canoe camping.

Partial guided canoe trips

Designed for those who need only a few of the items listed in the complete package. You may only need a canoe or a few of the items of camping gear or the specially packed foods that are a requirement of the US Forest Service when traversing Canoe Country. We will be glad to supply just what you need.

The Northlands best fishing awaits you